Aquafeed optimisation

Clinical chemistry used for feed optimisation and to observe
the impacts/ benefits of feed additives adding value to feed production.

Adding value
to feed production

Through clinical chemistry measurement, WellFish Tech can provide impartial, independent data on the impact of different feeds and functional ingredients to both the aquaculture industry and aquafeed producers.

Clinical chemistry assessment can be used for feed optimisation and to generate data on the impacts/benefits of feed additives adding value to the feed product and reassurance to the farmer. WellFish Tech currently measure >35 clinical chemistry endpoints that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

The WellFish Tech clinical chemistry biomarker profiles include:

  • Gill & Osmoregulatory Function
  • Cardiac & Muscle Function
  • Liver, Kidney & Pancreatic Function
  • Mineral Profile
  • Freshwater / Smoltification
  • Lipid Profile
  • Immunology

This list is frequently updated as we are constantly testing and developing new endpoints.